Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cucumber Water

I had a mini spa moment last week and decided to put some cucumber slices in my bottle of water before Charlie and I headed out for a hike. With Charlie safely clipped into her harness on the front seat, I sipped on my water as we drove. As soon as I took that first sip, Charlie's head whipped around as she caught a "whiff" of my water.

Suddenly she was VERY interested in what I was drinking and practically stuffed her snout into the top of my water bottle!

Charlie LOVES her veggies, so it came as no surprise that she'd want her own cucumber water. I made a mental note to "infuse" her water dish with some cucumber slices when we got home.

At first I wasn't really sure what she would do with these delicious green circles floating in her dish.

But after a few sniffs, she took a drink... and then she went snorkeling for cucumbers!

I love how you can see bubbles coming up out of her nose as she dives in for the yummy veggies!

Within a few seconds, all three cucumber slices were gone and all that was left was a wet floor and plain water.

I love how she's looking into the water as if she could make more cucumber slices appear just by looking long enough.

Sometimes making a "game" out of veggies helps get your dog interested in them... why not try cucumber water next time and see how your dog likes it!

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